It's Olympic time!

By Daphna K. | in General August 6, 2012

Hey, you! Are you watching the Olympics?

There have been a bunch of articles flying around about the so-called connectivity of the Olympic games. I am really enjoying the ones on Mashable - helllllllooooo NBC/IOC smackdown.

But I would much rather focus on the little olympians in all of us. Whose parents didn't throw them into sports and activities without possibly thinking "my kid could medal in this?" Wait, was that just mine?

I grew up in the 80s, so that meant as a girl I did every form of dance possible plus gymnastics, judo and karate (hey, a girl has to protect herself somehow!) Seriously, the local Y had everything to take as a kid. My absolute favorite was gymnastics - and this was the closest I got to olympic pressure.

Gymnastics at the Y started off as awesomeness - tumbling, jumping, spinning, flying. Everything (minus the evilness known as the balance beam) was fun. That is until the fateful day, the Y went olympic fever on us. What started out as innocent childish fun morphed into serious competitive pressure with the introduction of our eastern european ringer of a coach (plus her rhythmic gymnastics).

Needless to say, having to stick every landing after that became a whole lot less fun and a whole lot more bootcamp and I didn't last very long. But while it lasted, I really did love it. And I cannot tell you how much I regret that today, many years later, I can't even do a back-bend.

So major hat tip to all the olympians competing over the next few weeks. The sheer dedication and determination you all show is insane (in a good way).

What sport did you want to go for the gold in? What are you most looking forward to watching in London?

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