Mashed Pixel Unveils Surc at CES

By Daphna K. | in Press & Media December 15, 2010

The Universal Learning Remote Control That Enables Users to Control InfraRed-Enabled Devices Anytime, Anywhere

CES (Booth #4037) LAS VEGAS- December 15, 2010 – Mashed Pixel today announced the launch of Surc©, a patent-pending easy-to-use universal learning remote control (URC) that provides users with anywhere, anytime control over InfraRed (IR)-enabled electronic devices and appliances.

Launching at CES 2011, Surc combines in a sleek case a revolutionary IR-connector and a free companion mobile app (downloadable from iTunes App Store) that turn any iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G into a true URC with an excellent working range and built-in Micro USB connection for easy charging and synching without having to remove the case.

Highly customizable, Surc lets users personalize their remote control from the buttons to the layout, look and feel, and create their own mobile lifestyle experience. Additionally, Surc can learn the codes from virtually any of the users’ IR-remote controls and store them or download them from its extensive database, which removes the need for the users to pair many of their remotes. Users can also control what they watch on their television through the Surc built-in TV Program Guide.

“Surc addresses the growing consumer demand for smart devices that fit their needs for more interactivity and connectivity within the connected home and while they are on the go,” said Daphna Kalman, President and CEO of Mashed Pixel. “We designed Surc to be a centralized, personalized gateway that allows quality interaction between multiple content delivery platforms and the users, while simplifying their daily mobile lifestyle experience.”

Surc’s other key features include:

  • InfraRed Communication – No WiFi or multiple receivers are required. Users can control most IR-connected devices and appliances, regardless of their location.
  • Apple Compatibility – Surc uses the latest Apple-approved chip technology. As part of the Apple Made for iPod/iPhone program, Surc is compatible with iPhone 4, 3GS and 3G - soon compatible with iPad and iPod Touch 3rd generation.
  • 20 Grams of Sleek Design – Surc’s sleek, light case allows users to hold the device naturally in their hand. It also includes a Micro USB cable so users don’t have to remove it to charge and sync their iPhone.
  • Join the Surc Community – Users can join to be part of the online Surc community, where they will be able to improve their user experience by sharing their tips and expertise and get help from other users. They can also share, search and import customized remotes from other Surc users and are encouraged to provide feedback and suggest ideas that would help improve Surc.

Surc is accepting orders for delivery in the first quarter of 2011 MSRP for Surc will be $69.95 USD.

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