Brick Gadgets - It's Little Bits, but for Lego (aka Awesomesauce!)

By Daphna K. | in Development August 7, 2012

At the Brickfair this weekend out in the Dulles Expo Center, Lego enthusiasts got together to show off their amazing talents of building insane stuff (did you catch Serenity?)

But on the other side of the expo, tucked in between the various vendors hocking bricks and modded kits, was Rob, creator of Brick Gadgets (

Rob has developed a variety of chips, transistors, switches and the like that you can plug inside of Lego bricks to light them up, and sound, make things move.

Aaaaand for the Surc Attacker in all of us, Rob also has an IR switch which means we can CONTROL anything that has a brick gadget in it. 

Imagine the possibilities!

Don't believe me, see it with your own eyes:

Rob is hoping to get brick gadgets ready for the end of the year. I am feeling the need for some kickstarter campaigning. Hey, True Ventures, go on and back Rob!

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