Testing Surc in the Real World (or How to Take Over the Local Bar's TVs)

By Daphna K. | in General December 18, 2010

Part of developing Surc is testing it in the real world. I bring Surc with me everywhere - to friends homes, out to dinner, and tonight, to the local sports bar, with it's walls lined with HDTVs as far as the eye can see.

This place was just begging to be Surced (yes, friends, I just said "Surced" and you will be saying it too!)

I checked the brand, did a quick Add New Device, searched for the brand on the Surc app, selected TV, previewed the code set - Success! it found the codes. I suddenly felt overwhelmed with the power that I could control EVERY. SINGLE. TV. in this place. What should I do?

First, turn the TV off. Yes! Okay, waitress is coming. Quickly turn it back on. Okay, how about the channel. Alright, channel down. Hmmm, signal lost. that's not good. Channel up. Uhm, the channel isn't coming back. Suddenly it dawns on me that they were probably using Satellite TV. Oh well. Off went the TV.

Next test - how far away can I be to still control the TV. Into the big room our party went and we chose a TV about 20-feet away, aaaand Power Off! Yes! It worked. High fives all around. Power On before anyone gets suspicious.

At this point, I decided not to press my luck with the hovering waitstaff and put Surc away. I am pretty satisfied that we quickly added the device and had a really great range to still control the sets.

Disclaimer: This post is not meant to incite anarchy at the local bars. Please Surc responsibly!

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Comments (3)

Good work! I cannot wait for this! Shame it's not ready for holiday 2010 but I can wait if it's going to be this awesome. Please please say this wil be avaliable in the UK?! Cheers and good luck!
By Martin | 8 years ago
By Hans Stroker | 8 years ago
Wish I could have been there! Sounds like it was funny! Awesome!!!!!
By Orit H | 8 years ago