Amsterdam Falafelshop sings "Surc Attaaack" on Camera

By Daphna K. | in General December 31, 2010

While I was shooting and editing the tutorials for Surc, the always awesome Dave Saunders was giving me a lot of tips and feedback on how to improve them for everyone's viewing benefit. One of the tips included checking out the work of Frank Kern, specifically his sneak attack video. Dave got the brilliant notion to "appropriate" sneak attack and simply change it to "Surc Attaaaaack"! Ever since then, Dave has been harassing unsuspecting folk into singing "Surc Attaaaaack" on video. And tonight, I had to do a little extra to get my sound bite.

So Dave and I went to dinner and stopped by the Amsterdam Falafelshop in Adams Morgan. AMAZING falafel btw - and i have certainly had my fair share. Anywho, since I was a virgin / newbie, apparently a special dance is involved in order for me to be properly inducted into the shop. If I was going to dance, they were going to sing.

And now, as a special holiday bonus, I make an ass out of myself for a worthy cause and an even worthier dinner.

The Payment

The Pay-Off

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