When we say CES is huge...

By Daphna K. | in General January 5, 2011

...we really, truly mean it. Here is some video of us setting up for CES. Enjoy!

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Looks like a pretty good traffic spot too.
By Dave Saunders | 8 years ago
WOW this is soooo exciting!! Can't wait to see you!
By Orit Hickman | 8 years ago
So excited for you guys!! Pleased to have been a small part of it.
By Meredith | 8 years ago
Dave - we are perfectly situated not far from the bathrooms. so an awesome spot in my book! Orit - can't wait to see you guys either! Meredith - small part? hah! hello best writer in the world who took our thoughts and ideas and made them into something people would actually want to read. you rock!
By Daphna K. | 8 years ago