Surc Turns Your iPhone Into The Ultimate Controller

By Daphna K. | in Press & Media [Tech Cocktail] | February 2, 2011

Tonight we demoed Surc to a sold out audience at the DC Tech Cocktail mixer. It was tons of fun, and we all started to lose our voices again. Check out our preview in the Tech Cocktail blog.

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alot has been said abt how gd this URC is and i believe tt. But u havent said much abt this charging of the iphone with the surc fixed on. What is this micro usb ? I have a radio clock that I could fix the iphone on it and chage the phone. Now, with this surc on, how could i do it with the radio clock ?
By chris | 8 years ago
Hey Chris - the case has a micro usb port on the bottom front and it comes with the cable. so you simply plug the cable into Surc and into your computer (or other USB charging device). As for plugging into another device that requires the 30-pin dock connector, I simply pop out the iPhone from Surc, because I too have a clock radio. It is really easy to do (you can check out some of the videos to see how quick it is to pop in and out).
By Daphna K. | 8 years ago